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Hydro Extractor With Auto D.C. Injection Brake


We manufacture and supply Hydro Extractor With Auto D.C. Injection Brake. This Hydro Extractor With Auto D.C. Injection Brake has modular make that assures user-friendly operations and longer service life.


  • Stainless steel basket, S.S. outer drum, Sturdy welded Construction facility to dismantle basket without dismantling the outer casing, Electrically interlocked tops lid stops the machine when opened, outer cashing is mounted on M.S. heavy base frame, duly painted.
  • Drive : Directly mounted basket on a specially designed high torque, heavy duty motor with rests on the spigot of the base frame. Provided with built-in rubber buffer cushion to enable self balancing.
  • No V-Belt, No loss of speed, Quick self balancing, Noiseless and Vibration-free performance charge after charge.
  • Electrically controlled instrumentation and protection for auto timing and automatic D.C. injection for braking. Protective devices against single & reverse phasing and motor overload.                                                       


Model Capacity Dry Wt. Per Charge Basket Size Motor Basket Speed Drain Overall Dimensions W x D x H App Net.Wt/Shipping Wt.Shipping Size W x D x H App. Shipping Vol.
LEW/ HE/ 15 15 Kg. Ø550 x 300D 2.2 KW 1000 RPM 2.5" BSP 800 x 1000 x 1050 330 kg / 440 kg 1100 x 1300 x 1250 1.78 M3
71 Lts
LEW/ HE/ 30 30 Kg. Ø700 x 300 D 3.75 KW 1000 RPM 2.5" BSP 940 x 1140 x 1100 400 kg / 560 kg 1240 x 1440 x 1350 2.32 M3
115 Lts
LEW/ HE/60 60 Kg. Ø1000 x 300D 7.5 KW 750 RPM 3" BSP 1250 x 1550 x 1150 840 kg / 1075 kg 1550 x 1850 x 1350 3.87 M3
235 Lts